Saturday, 24 August 2013


Gliding gently in my dream
Where i heard the sound of stream
Freezing breeze diffused my sleep
Came out slowly with a leap
Growls of pups hit me
Suddenly turned and stepped out to see
Fluorescent eyes searching for its supper
I made it to go with a flicker
But its hunger still ringing in my ears
Thought that it was its fate for years and years

Monotony of life swept its way through the day
Stepped out to reach the street
Found a man limping in the heat
With an infant in his hand and blood in his knees
His sweat became my tears of peace

Bearing it all the way and the event flashing back
Found a woman about to collapse
Scattered around was a bag of rugs
And shined brightly was a penny with a rust
A glass of water awakened her t consciousness
Who rose up to find if alive in the suspicious nest

I walked along the dusty road
With her drops of water running in my throat
Heard a baby crying to death
Lonely in the dark with eyes almost red
I lay myself in the night cot
Eyelids could'nt close in the rewind of it's thought

Ice melted down my heart
wished life could be somewhat soft!!!