Sunday, 22 April 2012


I really thought it will be nice to start with a poem on flowers .Here goes the words of verse for them.

Iridescent petals with outpouring sweetness
you can't step in to match its uniqueness.
Fiery reds,peachy pink,oceanic blue,lavishing lavender to line the hue
that fill the world with a eye-stunning view.
Its mesmerizing scent makes one faint
in dreams lost in the world of lily reign.
Blessed bees to visit them daily
that turn their life merrily and gaily.
Blooming in the east searching for the sun
to reveal themselves with all that fun.
They find their place in velvety hair
each with a shade that's oh so rare!
The sea-blooms sparkle in the moonlight
just like the land's shoe flower at twilight.
The red rose is simply a verse
and one who blames is surely to curse.
A pearly jasmine to light up a room
and diffuse in it all its fume
They lay the carpet for the day
and weave the bed for its close
As a breath to our life
they are the essence to the world.