Saturday, 28 April 2012


How will you feel when you don't have a dear friend to lend a shoulder to cry on when you are really fallen and broken apart.But its not good brooding over it.This is REALITY.Change and take a chance and that turns a silent room into a musical scenario.......


The world is so cold that you need'nt be told
And it takes seconds for the blue to change its hue
Time sweeps before your eyelids close
By then your life maybe somewhat hoarse
Days and nights end in silence
In your mind as if there is a wave of violence
Ruby lips longing to express
Only if the walls agree to accept
Multitudes of changing sapiens
Reward of tears in your mind for such happenings
Thoughts and memories passing between
For no reason it ended like a sheen
No matter how long 
Still felt like a short-lived flower in the lawn
Nature gives a word 
At times when you feel like a fallen bird
Trying hard to be alright
But the past springs up so quiet
Lack of tears ends in verse
Only like the rain shower to lessen the worse
Each one,one of a kind
Can't read whats in mind
Reverse it up and take a chance
And look your life up with a glance
Like a lamp raising its glow
It turns out like a rebirth after a terrible blow.